International Mail Art Project

That´s my milieu

The Wasted Angel, Assebroeck (Belgium)
The Wasted Angel, Assebroeck (Belgium)

That’s my milieu
International Mail Art Project
The project is dedicated to Heinrich Zille and the 90th anniversary of his death
We remember the socially critical draftsman and illustrator Heinrich Zille (1858-1929)
Format: maximum 10 cm x 15 cm
Technique: drawing, painting, graphics, photography and texts
Deadline: October 31st, 2019
Artwork will not be returned
Include name and email address
All artworks will be presented in autumn 2019 in Kunst Etagen Pankow in Berlin.

Send to:

Post/Mail Art
Juliana Hellmundt
Postfach 75 02 33
13132 Berlin, Germany

About Heinrich Zille

Heinrich Zille found his subjects in the dark backyards, damp basement flats, fairgrounds, kitchens for the poor and homeless shelters, which he depicted authentically and in his distinctive style. He walked around “his milieu” and left behind a revealing portrait of the daily lives of simple people. Zille’s portrayal of living conditions among Berlin’s poor during the Wilhelmine era conveyed a social critique of the realities of city life, where the poor didn’t have access to decent housing. With his unique sense of humour he was able to captivate the viewer’s gaze in solidarity. 

Juliana Hellmundt