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The exhibition is open

On the 16th of November 2019 at 5 pm we opened the exhibition. I was very happy about the guests and the participants who came. The exhibition can be seen until the 10 Dezember 2019 in the Kunst Etagen Pankow.

Due to many inquiries, the exhibition will be extended until December 22, 2019.
Location: Pestalozzistraße 5-8, in front of the Room 431
13187 Berlin
Take the elevator to floor 4, then left to the end of the hallway Info: 0049 173 70 96 459

  • Opening of the exhibition, Zeichnung Chr. Badel (Photo by Lars Schumacher)
  • Opening of the exhibition (Photo J.Hellmundt)
  • Opening of the exhibition (Photo J.Hellmundt)
  • Opening of the exhibition (Photo by Lars Schumacher)
  • Opening of the exhibition (Photo by Lars Schumacher)
  • Opening of the exhibition (Photo by Lars Schumacher)
  • Opening of the exhibition (Photo by Lars Schumacher)
  • Opening of the exhibition (Photo by Lars Schumacher)
  • Opening day of the exhibition (Foto Benjamin Hellmundt)
  • Opening day of the exhibition (Foto Benjamin Hellmundt)
  • Opening day of the exhibition (Foto Benjamin Hellmundt)
  • Opening day of the exhibition (Foto Benjamin Hellmundt)
  • Opening of the exhibition mit Johann Leschinkohl (Photo by Lars Schumacher)
  • Opening of the exhibition (Photo by Lars Schumacher)
  • Opening of the exhibition (Photo J.Hellmundt)

Niovi Boliaki was born in Alexandroupolis, Greece in 1994. She is currently studying in the School of Visual and Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, AUTh in Greece where she is majoring in printmaking at the studio of professor Emmanuel Yannadakis. Her recent work in printmaking is based on her interest in photography and the visual translation of those images into a form of writing through etching techniques. The past few years she has taken part in group exhibitions in Greece and Poland. She is also involved in set and costume design and construction for short films and theater productions.

Annegret Heinl was born in Bonn in 1946. Studied theology, social sciences and education in Bonn and Cologne. Since the sixties he has been involved with visual art.
During her studies she deals with questions of synaesthesia within the framework of a research project of hermeneutics by Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Schurr at the University of Cologne. As a result of theoretical and empirical considerations, color vocal collages arise.
The first exhibition she had in 1989. Since the mid-nineties cooperation with Jan Steklík in exhibitions, projects and actions, as well as with Karel Nepraš, and Ben Patterson. Further development of ideas and concepts as well as their implementation in pictures, objects, environments, performance and workshops. https://aheinl.de/arbeiten.html

Laurel Lueders is a visual artist who has shown her work internationally in more than 30 solo exhibitions and 130 group exhibitions. She has received numerous scholarships, scholarships, awards and artist residencies. She is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Visual Studies at LIM College (New York, NY). Laurel holds a MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, MS in Design Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Art History and Political Science. http://www.laurellueders.com/

Michelangelo Mayo was born 1971 in San Jose, California. Filipino born, American artist, Michelangelo Mayo assembles fragmented images and fractured illustrations to envision difficult emitiones and to represent compex mental states that are emerging. New technologies, ever changing modern ideas, and constant evolution of social norms have eroded and molded new attitudes and emotions. These has brought about a need for visual representations.

Based in San Jose, California, MichelamgeloMayo employs experimental graphic techniques and images transfers coupled with drawing and painting. Moreover, he is also professional Microbiologist and Clinical Scientist. He likes to combine concepts found in the organic sciences with his visual and mixed media works. Michelangelo has been an active participant in Dada and Fluxus movements in conjunction with artiststamps and Mail Art organisations. He has exibited in many international and US group exhibits. Some of his works have been published in print and online journals. https://jeng2mayo.myportfolio.com/about https://post1211.blogspot.com/

Serena Rossi was born on March 6, 1972 in Milan, where she lives and works. In 1999 he graduated in pharmacy. He trained in visual arts with different courses including in 2010 recording at the Pomodoro Foundation in Milan, in 2013 in Bologna with Silvia Petronici in the site specific, in 2014 Manual for Artists at Circoloquadro in Milan and in 2016 on the monotype with Leo Ragno at the Foundation Federica Galli from Milan and illustration with Javier Pabala in Lonato at the Duina art space. Since 2002 he has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad and some of his works are part of private and public collections including the open-air museum of Camo and that of Gravina di Puglia. In parallel, in 2012 he received several awards for his poems and published in various anthologies and in the series of contemporary poetry by Elio Pecora. This year he released his first book of poetry „In becoming calm of the infinite“ ed. Caosfera, in 2016 publishes the second anthology as an e-book „I asked the sea to cry“ and „Five poems“ ed. limited ilrobotadorabile, in 2017 „There are not only heroes“ ed. NullaDie and „Lamine“ ed. limited the non-honorable, in 2018 publishes „We are not“ ed. http://www.serenarossiartecontemporanea.it/disegni_2012.html

Yagmur Iseri is a 25 year translator for Turkish-English languages. I do not know any more about her biography, but she has sent us a beautiful description of her hometown Istanbul, both as a picture and as a word.

Tevi Hanafi is an Indonesian cartoonist. His works show in a humorous way the everyday thoughts on issues such as nature protection, consumerism and human relationships.

Cornel-Marin Chiorean was born in Cluj, Dracula’s Transylvania, on May 1, 1956, a building engineer since 1980 and currently living in Vâlcea. Publications after 1973 not frequently, drawings and cartoons. Personal exposition in Cluj, Rm. Vâlcea and Vandoeuvre-Nancy ( France, 1992 ).
Prizes : Premio speciale sul tema libero-Vercelli 1986, Premiul Moftul Român Zalău 1990, L’ingotto d’argento by CONI Ancona 1991, Segnalato Cuneo 1994, Evens Prize 1999 Madrid, Grand Premio Scacchiera 2001 Cartoon Marostica, – Mention Vercelli 2002, 2010 and 2012, Premio speciale della juria sectione SATIRA, GALLARATE 2012, wroznienia honorowe KARPIK 2014 and 2015, Cena predsedníčky EX LIBRIS AD PERSONAM HLOHOVEC 2014, Excellent prize Football Star to The 2nd International Caricature Art Competition CHINA 2014, Diploma Strumica 2015 carnival EROTICA, Honorable mention The Golden Keg 2015 Prešov, – HUMORIST PRIZE toThe 5th “RED MAN” Beijing, CHINA 2015, – 3RD award Golden Helmet Kruševac Serbia 2016, 3RD place VOUBS Funny cartoons images competition 2016, First China International Children’s Animation Festival Libo Comics 2016, EXCELLENCE AWARD, Environmental cartoon, Sopron Hungary 3RD place, Certificates of Merit of the Maya Kamath Memorial Awards Competition 2016, 15th Free Cartoons Web 2016, caricature section, Silver Prize, Salt & Pepper 2017 Magazine applause, silver medal China 2017 Philosopher Wang Yangming Caricature & Ancient China in the Eyes of Artists, Master of caricature Plovdiv 2017 Bulgaria, special prize of the rector university Agribusiness Plovdiv, FECO CHINA, Best humor artist award 2017, Bride’s Veneration, Macedonia 2018, certificate for successful work, Urziceni, România 2018, excellency prize, SPECIAL PRIZE China 2019 Philosopher Lao Zi and Zen Master Huineng, Highlighted, 35th International Satirical Graphic Contest The Golden Apple, Bistrita/ Romania 2019, Nominated at Gura Humorului România 2019, Honorable Prize toThe 7th “RED MAN” Beijing, CHINA 2019.

Bernadeta Wdzięczna is a portrait painter from Stargard (Poland), who has lived and worked in Berlin for several years.
She practices portrait painting in oil and pastels and created a unique technique of painting on fabric and with its relief use. Her works are in state in private collections in Poland and abroad, at Rathaus Wijchen, Lothar-Günther Buchheim Museum in Munich, Dominikanerkloster Prenzlau Kulturzentrum and Museum, Museum in Stargard, Medical University of Szczecin. He is a member of the Association of Polish Artists, Ars Pomerania, SSMSP BRAMA, cooperates with artists and associations in Berlin and Mecklenburg. The artist’s paintings have been presented since 1994 at over 90 exhibitions, individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

She was the initiator of the first Art Festival in Stargard (since 2017) and the curator of the major exhibition „Polish Modern Art“ at the town hall in Berlin, Reinickendorf. Bernadeta Wdzięczna received an state award in 2017 as patron of the culture of the mayor of Stargard Rafał Zając.

Wolfgang Faller was born in 1952 in Villingen, Germany. He studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano with Prof. Cantatore and the Ecole Supérieure d’Expression Plastique,  Lille -Tourcoing with Prof. Leroy.
He lives and works since 2003 in Markgräflerland south of Freiburg. https://wolfgangfaller.com/

Margit Grüger was born in 1946 in Cainsdorf / Zwickau, 1968-1971 studied at the Berlin School of Advertising and Design Graduate Designer, 1974-1976 Evening Studies, Graphics Department, and 1976-1981 Direct Studies at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, Diploma Free Graphics, 1981-1983 she receives funding contract of the Municipal Department of Berlin, Department of Culture, 1983-1986 master student at the Academy of Arts of the GDR under Werner Stötzer. Since 1981 freelance painter, graphic artist, sculptor and lyricist. She lives and works in Berlin. https://www.margit-grueger-kunst.de/

Alexander Dobovskyi was born in Ukraine. He ist member of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine and member of the Union of Cartoonists of Ukraine. The current status is a free artist, formerly the organizer and the head of the Cartoon club in Dnipro „Hopak“, the author of ideas and the editor-in-chief of the publications „Park Humor“, „Khalepa“, „Piston“, etc. Laureate of more than 80 international competitions of caricatures, including: Grant Prix at the Humor Festival in Odessa 1990, Gold Stilette in Taipei, Taiwan 1999, Silver medal in Japan, Grand Prix in Switzerland, Prize of Humor in Sintra on World Press Cartoon in Portugal and others.

Artist Henriette Müller (Germany) has been a wanderer between creative fields and also between different cultures. This lead her from Ulm in Southern Germany through Europe via Zambia and Zimbabwe into the USA (where she received a Master of Music degree from Manhattan School of Music in 1994) and on to India. She lives and works now in the countryside near Berlin.

„For the Mail Art Project ‚That’s my milieu‘ I created biographical sketches: A foto of studio equipment in storage and an object „Sinking studio“. Due to having to work too often in what I call „money jobs“, space (and time) for our creative work is precarious and precious and in danger of disappearing.“


Anja Mattila-Tolvanen is an artist from Finland. She focuses of her artwork on themes of people and nature. Tolvanens artistic activity is between participation in international exhibitions, symposia and cooperative projects. She has 17 solo exhibitions in Finland and 2 solo exhibitions abroad, and her works are in 67 international public work & permanent collections.
In addition, several published poems & other literary work in Italy, USA and Finland.

Demetrios Coutarelli (Greece) Member of the Federation of the european cartoonist organisation. As an artist, Coutarelli, he sees the expression in the field of cartooning and humorous dressing up. He has worked on many high and low difficulty reviews and has participated in hundreds of Transworld animated film festivals. He has won 3 international awards and written 4 comic albums.

Jacqueline Machado de Souza was born in Brazil. She lives and works in Maastricht (Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium). She studied history of arts at the Federal University of Rio Grande (Brazil) and photography at the Academy of Arts of Hasselt (Belgium). For her practising art is a way of relating to society, an embedded activity that is continuously and elaborating its position. In her activity she uses multiple media-video, photography, drawings, polaroids, slides-to gather material from dayly life as a basis for further examination and re-reading of the narratives that are implicit in the images encountered and selected.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Cevat Atalay was born in 1973 in Ermenek, Karaman Province in Turkey. In 1999, he successfully completed the Faculty of Painting at Selçuk University, Fine Arts Education Faculty. In 1999, he started to work as an art teacher. In 2008, he completed his master’s degree at Selçuk University and in 2013 he completed his doctorate at Gazi University, Faculty of Art Education. In 2013, he started to work at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture at Namık Kemal University. He is currently a faculty member (Assoc. Prof.) at Namık Kemal University. Atalay, who has signed many works on his field, has made his name by participating in exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad and taking part in various public space events. He is initiator of the 1. and 2. International Biennial Mail Art in Turkey. In addition, as an organizer of cultural events, he promotes international exchange for artists in syposia, workshops and other cultural events. http://mailartbiennial.nku.edu.tr/

Marika Voss was born in 1943. Born in Probstau (Germany). 1950-1962 school and high school graduation in Bernburg / Saale. From 1962-1965 she studied arts in Leipzig. 1967-1972 studied at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee and in 1972 her twins Karl and Karoline were born. Since 1973 she works freelance as a painter and graphic designer in Berlin since 1974 many exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Her works are purchased in private and public collections, for example Märkisches Museum and Berlinische Galerie. Marika Voß is a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Berlin (bbk Berlin e.V.) https://www.marika-voss.de

Prof. Ph.D. Aysun Cançat was born in Istanbul in 1977. She ist painter and scholarship. In 2006, she graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Education, „Visual Art Education“ for her license. In 2010, she completed the Ph.D. and Assistant Professor Doctor year later. Now, She continue to scholarshop at the Istanbul Gelişim University Fine Arts Faculty.

Vishal V Shenoy (India) is the youngest participant (18 years) of the project. Vishal studies criminology B.A. in the second year. He was awarded the 2nd prize of the International Children’s Drawing Competition in Bansko 2014, 2nd prize in State Fish Art Contest USA, Special prize for tianjin China International Art Contest, My Charlie Chaplin Cartoon selected for Indian Exhibition and got numerous prizes in school and state level Competitions and he ist proud to say that his OLIVE Cartoon is in Final List 2016 year.

Jia Rui Jun is a chinese cartoonist. From the beginning of the 1980 film reviews of the literature and creative writing, film critic for various newspapers and magazines in the country published 50, which won the national award. In Shang century 80 late generation, to continues to using amateur time creation comics, domestic animation participation competition winning 60times, has has over 4,000 comics in the more than 400 more species newspaper and website publishing, 1000pieces comics 400 WINS Poland, and Finland, and France, and Italy, and Austria, and Azerbaijan, and Croatia, and Serbia, and Spain, and Portugal, and Hungary, and, and India, and Australia, and Turkey, and Slovakia, and Bulgaria, and China, and Russia, and Iran, and Syria, and Macedonia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Kosovo, Mexico, and Belgium, and Brazil, Pakistan, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and other international cartoon contest and exhibition, Turkey theme „drought and water“ international cartoon contest number 3. 2011 get Russia and Argentina international cartoon contest honorable mention; published works, including the „anti-corruption“ comic book set.In 2013 by the United States in international art contest Bronze award. 2014 Lebanon theme „condemns terrorism,“ 3rd International cartoon exhibition. http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1261633095

Ruggero Maggi is a artist and curator from Milano, Italy. His prevalent artistic interests are: the visual poetry since 1973, copy art, artist books and mail art since 1975- laser art 1976-holography 1979-X-rays art 1980- chaotic art based on the theory of Chaos, fractals, enthopy since 1985. Ruggero Maggi is defined as an outsider and, maybe this best describes how he operates on the margin of the accepted forms. Since the early seventies, Ruggero Maggi has been researching and developing in a apparently eclectic manner but, in fact, wholly supported by an inner locig and by a vision of perfect and total continuity. Ruggero Maggi´s work is closely assocoated with linguage. Some of his activities: 2006 „Underwood“ site-specific installation at the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in Gallarate; curator of the project „Camera 312-prpmemoria per Pierre“, deidicated to Pierre Restany; 2008- curator, the project „Depth 45- Micelangelo at Work“; 2009 he arranged a site-specific installation to XX years of the Fall of Berlin´s Wall; 2011- 2013 „Tibet Pavillion“ Venezia Biennial- Italy Pavvilion- Torino Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Sala Nervi, Museo Diotti (CR), 2014 „Tibet Pavillion“ -Bienal del Fino del Mundo, Argentina; 2016 „Tibet Pavillion“-Castello Visconteo Pavia; 2017 „Tibet Pavillion“ (IV ed)- Palazzo Zenobio-Venezia. http://www.ruggeromaggi.com

Barbara Ihme is a certified art therapist & educator, artist for visual and social art, book author and coach. She studied at West Dean College, Chichester, UK and art history, fine arts, education and therapy in Stuttgart and the College of Arts in the Social Ottersberg. Later she studied Social Sculpture, Free International University under Volker Harlan, Johannes Matthiessen, Stephan Stüttgen, Walter Dahn. Since 1981 numerous exhibitions in Germany, Europe and the world. In 2005 she publishes the book Spirale or panta rhei. In 2012 she got an artist scholarship from Katedra Cakavskoga Sabora Grobniscine, Croatia. http://ihme-art.com/

Marco Ramos was born in 1968 in Arequipa, Peru, at the foothills of the Andes. University Graduate with a degree in art, he received the Unesco Aschberg Prize in Paris for his art to preserve the Amazon rainforest. His paintings capture the color and vibrancy of the stories and spirits of his ancestors, using his unique interpretation of the Amazon and Inka culture as a starting point. Marco´s paintings have been featured in exhibitions around the world. Nice, Limoges, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Lima, New York and San Diego. His work has also been featured on Peruvian postage stamps. Marco uses his art to help adults and especially children to understand the importance of saving the precious rainforest of South America. Marco works in variety of mediums. His favorites are oil, acrylic and watercolor. http://www.amazonianartist.com

Leslie Atkins comes originally from Southern California in the US. She moved to the San Francisco area and then to Europe. After working in Bavaria, she returned to San Francisco for a formal art education. She also attended a summer institute at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC, Canada. After completing a BFA with a focus on drawing and painting, she moved to New Zealand. There she worked in a ski resort and also toured to Tahiti, Fiji, the Cook Islands, New Zealand and Australia. Atkins received her MFA degree in 1984 at the Art Academy in San Francisco. David Ireland was her MFA adviser. Her works focused on written drawings, an obsession series: ink drawings in English, Japanese, Kana and Greek, drawing on parchment paper. In the Netherlands, she began collecting and painting finds. This was a multi-year project called De Platte Vlakken: A Mistaken Irony. This project has come to an end: De Platte Vlakken 2 is now in the planning phase. Drawing with pen and ink (black ink on white paper) is a lifelong favorite for her and usually includes words or characters. This is still characteristic, although adding color ink is a significant change over previous work. Other current projects include dementia, grief, infidelity, plastic garbage and mail art. The works shown in Oregon and Washington (USA) in 2018 and 2019 were all pen drawings. Leslie Atkins currently lives in the Netherlands and also in Seattle, Washington, USA. http://www.leslieatkinsatelier.com/

Ardy Beld was born 1975 in Goor, Netherlands. He studied interpreting as translator for Russian and German. He wirks as cartoonist for „Der Metzger“ (political-satirical alternativ journal, Germany) and for the „De Republikein“ (political journal, NL). He worked as cartoonist and author of short stories for „t’Scheldt“ (satirical online journal, Belgium). He is Illustrator of Bandcartoon, published in the social media: Simple Minds, Madnes, Cockney Rejects, Bambix, Toy Dolls, Plan Lomonosova and more. https://cartoonverhalen.blogspot.com/

Lutz Anders (Drulu) was born in 1956 in Berlin. apprenticeship as a typesetter and worked later in various printing companies. Since 1976 he is artistically active. His drawings, photomontages and collages are at the focus of his work. Between 2010-2018 he publishes texts, graphics and photography in the cultural magazine „Neuköllner Dschungel“. In 2016 he is learning Rainer Wieczorek and Otmar Bergmann, where inspired him for the Mail Art.

Artistic activities: 2016 International Mail Art exhibition „Brothers Grimm“ in Bad Oyenhausen; 2017 Kunst- u. Kulturfestival „48 Stunden Neukölln“; International Mail Art Exhibition „Manege“, Bianco A Nero, Berlin, „Kunst Trifft Jazz“ _WUK Druck Berlin, 2018 International Mail Art Exhibition „Wasserzeichen“, Multikulturelles Centrum in Templin.

Johann Leschinkohl After a apprenticeship as a typesetter in Mainz founded with the graphic designers and book designers Hannes Gaab and Hanns Schmidt in 1965 the „Mainzer Sonntagsmaler“. Previously, he had already won the first competition prize of the IG Druck und Papier in the typography category. After many years working as typesetter in various printing companies and moving to Berlin. There he operated the WUK printing works in Berlin-Neukölln from 1985-2018 and with International artists (including Erich Sündermann, Torill Elisabeth Larsen, DeePee Herrman). JL works at time on his typical „BULBRO“ drawings with felt and wax pencils for decades and has developed this style of painting to great mastery, which is repeatedly confirmed by collectors of his works in various exhibitions and actions.

Artistic activities: 2017 Kunst- u. Kulturfestival „48 Stunden Neukölln“, Berlin 2017 Biennale internationale de poésie visuelle, Belgien 2018 „Europa“, Internat. Mail art exhibition, Chemnitz 2018 „Artvent“, Kunst für alle, Kunstraum Reuter, Berlin 2018 „Collage Karton“, by K. Özyurt, Istanbul, Türkei 2019 Ausstellung der „Künstlergruppe Neuköllner Dschungel“, Berlin 2019 Kunst- u. Kulturfestival „48 Stunden Neukölln“, Berlin 2019 „Mehl Art Nr. 228“ im Museum of Mail Art, Lviv, Ukraine 2019 „Cactus mail art Call 2019“, Tenerife, Spanien 2019 Archiv Torma Cauli, Budapest, Hungary.

Zlatko Krstevski Born in 02.08.1969 Prilep, Macedonia. Finished Fine Art school – painting major in Skopje. Organized 25 one man exhibition on paintings,drawings as well Macedonia: Prilep, Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo, Veles and Serbia: Novi Sad, Nis, Doljevac, Koper Slovenia – City museum. Participated on over 500 international exhibitions, festivals, symposiums. Salons from visual arts: painting, comic art, cartoon, mail art and performance, in 2005 y finished teaching curatorial art practice at Basak Senova – Turkey. President on Center for visual Arts “Byzant”, created new open the public cultural space besides urban location with tareget that a presented international art scene: mail art, comic art, cartoon, video art, art perfomance. Author and photographer on four book for cultural heritage on Prilep. Working and living on relationship: Prilep-Krakow. http://www.gallery-museum.mk

Jean-Marc Ristorfer is a Swiss mail art artist and political activist since 1970. In 1980 he launched a postmark action to draw attention to the repressive Karenni folk in Myanmar. With the exhibition „Des Artistes et des Timbres“ at the Palais Beaulieu, December 1980 in Lausanne, Switzerland, he presents the problematics. Twenty years later, he pibbled the same-named catalog on the subject. In 1990, with the catalog „Des Artistes et des Timbres“, he invited Mail Art artist to create postmarks for the state Kerenni. More than 200 artists took part in the Mail Art call. In the later years he deals with them scientifically with the enthnologischen investigations over the people of the Kerenni. (More about the artist in: John Held Jr., Small Scale Subversion Mail Art & Artistamps, TAM; Breda, 2015.)

Ukrainian born Alexei Talimonov is a successful and award-winning cartoonist and illustrator. He is a member of The Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain and the FECO. Was a member of The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. Alexei has exhibited his works worldwide. His cartoons have been published in newspapers and magazines since 1978. Four books of his cartoons were published in Russia, Ukraine and UK. Also Alexei has illustrated several books.  More then 5,000 of his drawings have been published in various newspapers and magazines in the UK, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Iran, China  and other countries. Amongst the British periodicals publishing his works are The LancetNew StatesmanThe OldieThe SpectatorProspect, Ethical Consumer Magazine, Writers’ Forum, Music Teacher, Piano magazine, Musical Opinion  and others. In Russia Alexei Talimonov’s cartoons  have been published in the leading newspapers and magazines of the country, such as IzvestiiaPravdaTrud, Ekonomika i Zhizn, Literaturnaia GazetaKrokodilZdorov’e, Selskaiy zhizn, Gudok,  Argumenty i Fakty and others.Alexei Talimonov regularly participates in international exhibitions and contests.  He himself is well known for his support of artists in Russia and other countries of the CIS. In 1993 Alexey Talimonov was awarded the International Goncharov Award as “The Patron of Arts.”

Tohei Mano is a Japanese visual artist and photographer. For five years he has been active in the non-commercial gallery „Artspace Edition Shimizu“ in his home. The gallery is open to new ideas for international projects and exhibitions.
Tohei Mano is an active participant in international projects of the Dada, Fluxus and Mail Art networks. His works include social issues and themes related to nature. He sees the cooperation and communication with artists from all over the world as an enrichment for his artistic development.

Walter Brovia is a visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina and has a degree in Fine Arts. He graduated from the INET and the Pan American School of Art with a scholarship from Fernando Fader. His artistic focus is on visual art and sculpture. He continued his education in the Asoc E of fine arts Buenos Aires and in the sculpture workshop of César Fioravanti and Darío Klehr. He also studied at the Guillermo Roux Foundation. He worked with Erik van der Grijn. Join the open program of the UTDT Art Department. Examples of Artistic Activity: MAJO Fund R Raggio 13, I Instal Meeting at Galeríal Umbral 13, I0 Anniversary of SOS Earth 14, Gallery Position 86 Mercado San Juan, I & II Issue of Subjectivity, Diversity Bodies 15/6, Poetry without Margin in MACA Junín Prov Bs AS 16, ZAS! 16 Art Action. Outside Pixels of Identities – Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, 14, Future Identities – Int. Festival of Experimental Art in Venice, 14. Borders & Disorders – Venice Art House Gallery, 15, Luca Curci program, sponsored by Laura Haber Gallery. Visual Poetry Visagems Sarau Cultural 16, San Pablo. http://walterbrovia.blogspot.com/

Antonia Mayol Castelló is a participant from Torrevieja, Spain: „I recently discovered Postal Art and its many creative possibilities, the small formats that allow denunciation, solidarity, overflowed fantasy and as a non-commercial exchange art space.“ (Antonia Mayol Castelló)

Lars Schumacher studied at the Academy of Cultural Education of the Federal Republic, Remscheid (2001-2004) with a focus on photography and degree with diploma & HSVN Hannover (2005 – 2008) degree with diploma too. He works in the field of visual communication. As an accent on short films, experimental films and photographs that have already been shown nationally and internationally. Some works are in public and private collections. Lars Schumacher has been involved in local television work in Lower Saxony since 1996 and has been a member of the executive board of h1 – television in Hanover since 2003.
He participates regularly in international projects, exhibitions and biennials. In 2016 he received the Honorary Award of the Turkish Faculty of Fine Arts of Namik Kemal University, as well the Golden HuckUp Film Award of the district of Hildesheim together with Leif Schumacher in 1992.

Andreas Niederau-Kaiser studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. From 2008 to 2015 filmic works in collaboration with the Institute for Experimental Links and memplex-art. The focus of his artistic work is fine art, which includes sculpture, photography, performance and film. He is the managing director of Memplex-Art and together with David Kraus and Carlos Christian Nickel they create avant-garde, documentary and potraitfilms. http://www.memplex-art.de/wordpress/projects/ and https://www.saatchiart.com/andreas-niederau-kaiser for more content about his work.

Silvano Pertone from Genoa, Italy, born in 1969.
He is into Mail Art since 2001, after 10 years of musical fanzine called PSYCHE OUT with contacts all over the world. They have presented a variety of musical genres, as well as all alternative underground scenes, from grind to psychelia, from H.C. to industrial etc.
Silvano Pertone organized many Mail Art Project in this period, ever with print documentation and especially with the collaboration of his friend Dr. Pierpaolo Pracca. Together they published a great book about CESARE PAVESE, one of the most important italian poets.
„Now I’m involved 100% in mail art with great results!“ (Silvano Pertone)

Christan Badel was born in Gotha as the first of six children in his family. Even as a teenager he drew for various magazines.

Later he studied design and fine arts and became a master student of the Japanese Professor Leiko Ikemura at the University of fine Arts in Berlin. Today he lives with his family as a freelance artist and author in Berlin-Pankow.

„Where my ideas come from? Thats is quite easy! Actually, I just need to write it down or draw. It’s always happening around me.“ (C. Badel)

Christian Badel works as a draftsman and author for magazines, books, advertising contracts and weekly magazines and as an illustrator for varying publishers. Chrstian Badel draws every day, he tells about his hometown by pictures. As a contemporary artist brings us to see and think while we look at his pictures. I would describe him as city draftsman and picture chronicler and I am very happy to have him for the project as a true and authentic draftsman. He walks the streets around and draws, a true follower of Heinrich Zille here in Berlin.

That´s his milieu:

https://www.berliner-woche.de/pankow/c-leute/skizzen-der-heimat-christian-badel-zieht-seit-jahren-zeichnend-durch-seinen-pankower-kiez_a86026 https://www.hallonachbar.berlin/hier-ist-die-welt-noch-in-ordnung/


Pedro Massaferro was born 1954. He resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina- self-tough, he attended various drawings and paintings workshops. He held a solo exhibition in 2012. He regulary participates in collective exhibitions and competitions. He currently works in engraving, mixed media and mail art.

Ryosuke Cohen was born 1948 in Osaka, Japan, he is a mail artist. He was responsible for the Brain Cell mail art project, which he began in June 1985 and retains thousands of members in more than 80 countries, e.g. Hans Braumüller, Theo Breuer, Michael Leigh or Litsa Spathi. In August 2001 he began the Fractal Portrait Project. He has taught art to school children for more than 25 years.

Dórian Ribas Marinho, Balneário Camboeiú (Brasil) was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and lives in Balneario Camboriu since 2010. He graduate of the University Society of higher leanrning and culture (Rio de Janeiro 1972-77), Master in Arts, Culture and Education of the University of State of Santa Catarina, Professor of Museum of the Modern Art Rio de Janeiro, Dictionary of Brazilian Plastic Artists, Ministry of Culture (Rio de Janeiro). Some of most important international Exhibitions: International Biennial of Graphik Art, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana (Slovenia), International Print Biennial, Krakow (Poland), Kunstverein Rinteln (Germany), Museo de Ceuta (Spain), „Homeless“ in Willy Brandt Haus, (Germany), Escuela national de Artes Plasticas (Mexico) and more..

Barbara Noculak studied 1960 – 65 at the University of Fine Arts, Berlin
since 1987 freelance art objects, installations and long-term projects
since, 1989 project-related and work stays on Ischia / Italy,
since 1991 solo and group exhibitions, installations, performances, as well as publications in Germany and abroad, works in private and public ownership
Participation in competitions / presentations „Art in Public Space“ . Memberships: BBK, GEDOK. She Lives and works in Berlin. http://barbara.noculak.de/

Simon Warren is a British artist. I know him from my first Mail Art projects and I can describe him as a very creative but sometimes provocative artist. I am very pleased to see contributions for the new project.

Hikmet Sahin was born in 1973 in Aksaray. He received his primary and secondary education in Aksaray, his undergraduate degree from Selçuk University, Faculty of Education, Art Education Department, and his M.Sc. He received his PhD from the Institute of Social Sciences. He completed his education in Institute of Educational Sciences. Between 1995-2011, he worked as a painting teacher in various places of the country affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. He is currently working as a faculty member in Selçuk University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design. https://www.hikmetsahin.com/

Daniele Virgilio is a musician from La Spezia, Italy. With his contributions he also enriches my last Mail Art projects. Here you can hear more about his work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCUFI9MGAIQ

Roberto Scala was bom in 13th October 1968 in Sorrento (NA). Degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan in 1992, live between Naples and London Islington College.,live and work now in Borgo Valsugana and Bassano del Grappa Trento Italy.  https://www.saatchiart.com/grazi

Enzo Salanitro is an Italian artist and lives in Sicily. He is a representative of socio-critical art and also shows the audience topics with a focus on social opposites. https://sites.google.com/site/viadelsignore/archivio/enzo-salanitro

Juraj Jonke has exhibited his works since 1968. He has many solo ehxibitions and over 350 group appeareances, hoem and abroad (Japan, USA, Finland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Mexico and more) . He is a member of the Croatian Visual Arts Association and lives and works in Zagreb. https://likumzg.wordpress.com/juraj-jonke/

Teri Anderson – visual artist from Essex, UK and is working in various media including drawing, digital art, collage, text, and embroidery. https://teriandersonsite.wordpress.com/

Elke Grundmann is a Berlin artist and author. In her works of art and artusr books, she emphasizes a variety of socio-critical topics.

Ulli Kattenstroth is a visual artist, performer and publisher. He is an active blogger of the alternative art scene. His mail art activities date back to the 1980s. As an artist living in West Berlin, he smuggled Mail Art into the West and from the GDR, thereby promoting the spread of communicative art. Ulli Kattenstroth is a visual artist, performer and publisher.


Derya Avci is a visual artist from Turkey. Her artistic work focuses on painting and urban art. She regularly takes part in international projects and artist symposia.

Between 1966 and 1969, Horst Tress learned the profession typesetter in the Cologne and from 1970 to 1972 a commercial art study. The first steps on the art market were made possible for him by Cologne avant-garde gallery owner Ingo Kümmel and art critic Gerd Winkler. In addition to his artistic work, he worked in the following years as a printing plate manufacturer, calculator, media designer, art educator and copywriter. In 1981, with the help of Klaus Staeck, he organized an exhibition of Joseph Beuys in a Cologne restaurant. From 1989 to 2011 he was editor of the print edition of „Köllefornia“ with original supplements, including Klaus Staeck, HA Schult, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Ben Vautier. All editions are in the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum as well as in the Cologne Art and Museum Library. „Köllefornia“ has been online for several years.

Since 1970 he participates in international exhibitions. Among others he exhibited together with Joseph Beuys, Ryosuke Cohen, Robert Filliou, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Yoko Ono, Clemente Padin, Robert Rehfeldt, HA Schult, Klaus Staeck, Timm Ulrichs, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell and many others. Horst Tress adopted the term „Fluxpostphoto“. These are original photographs that are shown worldwide.


Pietro Romano Matarrese was born 1949 in Italy
1969 diploma from the Painting Course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 1975.
Assistant Professor of Artistic Anatomy since 1982, full professor of Artistic Anatomy since 1992. He has taught at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.
He received the teaching qualification as holder of the chair of Sculpture (1982) and Painting (1985). Internationally renowned painter, he is also a sculptor, established musician, video maker; he has also published two monographic essays in Italian and English: On the origin of the trulli (Il Quadrifoglio, 1998), The hotel of the peoples – Mini historical guide of the trulli (Lampi di Stampa, 2010).


Giovanni Strada was born on 23/06/1939. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna where he lives together with his wife Renata Strada, he has for years formed the Stradada group very active in Mail Art. They have written and published essays and criticisms on the following art editions: Le Arti, D’Ars , Il Giornale dell’Arte, Flash Art, The World’s, Art Today, Juliet, Around The World, Art, Inter Le Lieu, Spesial Offer, Signal.


Today I present you the photographer Susanne Schumacher from Burgdorf in Germany. She works in 1980 with contemporary photography and sence 20 years with new media and films. She is a world active participant in the last Mail Art projects.


Hernando Urrutia is a visual and Researcher of Basque roots, PhD Digital Media-Art: Researcher of OAK (Research Centre of and Communication); Member of the Ibero Amarican Group „Art and Technology“ of VAOB; He have received 12 recognitions and 6 Avards for his artist works. His artistic practice covers several areas, but especially viedeo, digital art, installation and sound art, within the context of technology and contemporary art. https://hernando-urrutia.webnode.pt/

Lutz Wohlrab is a German artist, publisher and psychoanalyst in his own practice in Berlin. Mail Art since 1985, participation in the 1st Decentralized Mail Art Congress 1986 in Berlin, organizer of the 2nd Decentralized Mail Art Congress 1992 (Post-DDR-Mail-Art-Congress) in Berlin, participation in the exhibition „Mail Art Eastern Europe – international Network“ in the Staatliches Museum Schwerin 1996. Mail Art-Projects in the Museum of Post and Communication Berlin 1997. Mail Art-Projects „Animals – as which you do yourself and others“ 1986/87, issued 1990 in Weimar, Post-GDR-Mail Art-Congress 1992 in Berlin, 2005 „Umfrage zu Ray Johnson“, A Mail Art Project to Sigmund Freud’s 150th Anniversary, exhibited in 2006 in the Art Library of the Berlin State Museums and „20 Years since the Fall of the Wall“, exhibited in 2009 in Prenzlauer Berg Museum in Berlin. https://www.wohlrab-verlag.de/

Lutz Beeke, Germany. After school education apprenticeship as locksmith / 1980 military service – pre-trial detention – building soldier / 1982 pedagogical training – specialization art education / 1985 professional prohibition – unemployed – stage technician / 1994 to 1996 further education in dealing with creative media at the FPI in Cologne / 1998 Birth of the daughter Luka Henriette / lives and works in Potsdam https://www.kunsttick.com/lutz-beeke.html

Jürgen O. Olbrich

Jürgen O. Olbrich was born November 25, 1955 in Bielefeld and is a German visual artist, publisher and curator. The performance artist is a representative of concrete as well as visual poetry and an artist of copy and mail art.
Since the 1970s Olbrich has been active in the worldwide communication platform of the Mail Art network. He also becomes an important partner for oppositional artists in the former GDR. Olbrich’s involvement in Mail Art signifies a distancing from the established art scene and the economic utilisability of art in favor of grassroots-oriented art forms in the sense of the art for all. This goes hand in hand with collective collaboration, as in The Artist’s Memory, for which Olbrich’s artist friends design the memory cards. In 1976, Jürgen O. Olbrich’s journal Collective Copy was published. His Archive of lost informations, which has been in existence since 1977, consists of hundreds of thousands of rubbish copies collected from wastepaper baskets containing copying garbage. In the 1979 performance Foto-Copy-Rock’n Roll, Olbrich dances to loud rock music on the device that copies in continuous operation. The processual is also in other work groups the basis of his work. Jürgen O. Olbrich led his studio gallery from 1978 to 1987 as Kasseler Kunstraum, which has established itself as a communicative center of young art. With Rolf Behme and Klaus Urbons in 1980 he founded the artist group Trikop. While Olbrich made a two-hour detour to Dresden in 1981 on the way to Poland, Birger Jesch met him during an illegal artists‘ meeting in a private apartment. In 1986, Olbrich founded the international performance group The Nomads and collaborated with Yoko Ono, among others. From 1986 to 1992 Olbrich was in collaboration with Wolfgang Luh editor of the artist magazine „Magazine for Tiegel & Tumult „, which appeared every three months. The magazine was published in 24 editions with a circulation of 150 copies. In 1987 he participated in the documenta 8 in Kassel and became internationally known. His contribution City souvenir: Expanded Performance, was with artist friends: Wolfgang Hainke, Arno Arts from June 12 to July 5, 1987 as part of the performance department of documenta 8 in Kassel. The performance utensils were exhibited in the Neue Galerie. From 1995 to 1996 Olbrich was appointed guest professor at the University of Kassel.

Jan Theuninck (born 7 June 1954) is a Belgian painter and poet. Although born in Zonnebeke, Belgium, and a native speaker of Dutch, he writes in French and occasionally English. His painting is abstract, falling somewhere between minimalism and monochrome expressionism. As a painter, he has been influenced by Ellsworth Kelly and Joan Miró. His work in both media is guided by his social and political convictions, dealing with topics such as colonialism old and new, mass and society, and pacifism. http://theuninck.blogspot.com/

Mzia Valerian is a prolific mail artist and her work was part of previous Droitwich Mail Art exhibitions. Mzia is from Mechelen, Belgium, but of Georgian heritage. She sent us a postcard with the title of her favourite “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”, a Georgian epic poem written in the 12th century by Shota Rustaveli. Though it is fictional, the poem tells a story about Queen Tamar, and I can’t be more subjective about her as we’re sharing the same name. Belgium https://droitwichmailart.wordpress.com/tag/mzia-valerian/