Grateful Memory

Marika Voß, Berlin (Germany) Postcard
Marika Voß, Berlin (Germany) Postcard

90 years ago Heinrich Zille died in Berlin. To his memory as an artist who drew the poor and the forgotten people, I invited artists from all over the world to send Mail Art with the theme „Thats my milieu“.
Heinrich Zille was so popular that his name was commercialized even during his lifetime. There were Zille cigars, Zille-ball, Zille biscuits and Zille pubs everywhere in the city for sell.
Also today in the present time, his name promises good business. Today in Berlin we continue to see Zille pubs, Zille bus, Zille ship, Zille spectacle, Zille on cups, on plates, on coasters, even beer names are baptized after him.
But in his memory, I would like to remind you that Zille was an artist who wanted to show through the art the lives of the simple people.
That is why I would like to thank all the 38 painter and authors from 14 countries for participating in the mail art project „Thats my Millieu“. You have appreciated Heinrich Zille’s message in the most dignified manner – to show your own milieu. Trough the Art.
I’m looking forward to the next posts.

Thank you to all of you!

Juliana Hellmundt

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